RAFARM began its activities in 1974. Nikolaos Rassias created a pharmaceutical company, putting his business beliefs into practice: high quality medicines at affordable prices, a people-oriented organizational structure and quick reflexes in the business arena.

Since then RAFARM has grown, expanded its activities, initiated international partnerships and created its own production facilities. Today, more than 150 different pharmaceutical products, an expanding presence in the domestic and international market - exports and partnerships with leading companies in Europe and all over the world -, as well as a remarkable position in health professionals perception, are the result of RAFARM’s successful course.

Such development has been prompted by constant investments in technology and by the implementation of the strictest standards of quality in every phase of production. Through the extensive use of Greek capitals, RAFARM operates production facilities with a total expanse of 12.000 m2 and employs more than 300 people, while its sales rank among the 5 largest Greek pharmaceutical companies.

Today, a large investment program is in progress that will enable RAFARM to produce medicines with highly advanced technological specifications and expand its partnerships with the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In this way, the vision of its founder and all company’s management for a Greek interest pharmaceutical industry of multinational orientation - with innovative medicines, branded generics and total quality services - recognizable by all stakeholders in the field of health and primarily by the patients, becomes a reality.

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