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Participation of RAFARM S.A. in the 23rd PanHellenic Urological Congress - SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM

RAFARM S.A. successfully completed its participation, as one of the main sponsors, in the 23rd PanHellenic Urological Congress, held between October 20th to 23rd 2016 in Rhodes.

Furthermore RAFARM S.A. sponsored a Satellite Symposium with the participation of Urologists from both the Greek and the international academic community. The Symposium focused on "Leuprorelin implant form", and marked the expansion of the company's strategic alliance with the multinational company SANDOZ.

You can watch the Satellite Symposium selecting the link.

 23o Ourologiko Synedrio Rodos n1 small

 23o Ourologiko Synedrio Rodos n2 small

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