"The annual investment
on research
amount to
10% of turnover."

Participation of RAFARM to the initiative taken by the Panellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry

Our motto has been for quite sometime "Even if you don't see us, we stand by you". Today under conditions unprecedented for our country and for the whole mankind Rafarm's motto takes a stronger meaning and the words roll into action.

Together with other Greek pharmaceutical industries we keep our production lines fully operational. Our domestically manufactured products are readily available to the increased demands of our Health System.

Moreover we participate to the initiatives taken by the Panellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF) in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Health. We are voluntarily manufacturing antiseptics needed by frontline doctors and nursing staff daily engaged in the fight to attend to needy patients.

We are determined to support any other initiative of PEF in support of those brave people who are in the first line of duty.

We stand by you!

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